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Back in 1996, Bill Gates boldly declared on the Microsoft website, “Content is King”.

This guy is a shrewd businessman with prophetic insights. Growing up, I wanted to become the next Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. Nowadays I add to my list other tech billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos.

But how did these guys become so rich and famous? As a marketer, this is the question I always ask myself. Whenever I find answers, I try to replicate them in my own ventures and extend the knowledge to my clients. That deep desire to create awesome products that change how the world works is what has always driven me.

Marketing has evolved over the years, especially in the digital space. As a marketing major, I have all sorts of marketing certifications and experience. However, when I trained on HubSpot’s inbound methodology, it was the kind of marketing that totally and completely made sense to me.

As in, why should any business shout at everyone, even though only a small fraction of people need their products? Doesn’t it make better sense to first identify who your ideal customer is? Then you can find the best channels to reach that particular group without bothering everyone else. And then you craft your message to suit that particular group, right?

That’s how Inbound Biz Kit was born in 2016. I had been creating online content since 2010 but pivoted to focus solely on Inbound strategies. And that’s how I slowly met like-minded people. A group of young and dedicated guys brimming with ideas and ready to conquer the world. Meet the Inbound Biz Kit team…

Felix Abur - Inbound Biz Kit Founder & CEO

Felix Abur – Founder and CEO

The frustrations of efficiently running a business can wear out even the best of us. Ask me, I know.

I’ve been a marketer for close to 15 years now and I’ve seen great products fail in the market. I’ve also seen mediocre products perform relatively well, beyond all expectations.

The clear difference is in the relationships businesses make with their clients. For B2B businesses, you have to solve the pain points faced by procurement managers.

That’s why I formed Inbound Biz Kit. To help companies discover their clients pain points and help them resolve these issues efficiently and cost-effectively.We bridge the gap through relevant and purpose-driven content.

Jacquey Janelle - Author and Accounting Expert

Jacquey Janelle – Content Marketer and Accounting Expert

It’s always so satisfying when I use my skills to make a difference in someone’s life. And there is no better way to do this than by successfully promoting a business.

It changes the lives of the business owners, their employees, their customers, and their whole community. And that’s the power I have, working here at Inbound Biz Kit.

My previous careers in the banking sector prepared me for the demanding task of guiding businesses through the customer acquisition process.

We do this cost-effectively using data-driven content to maximize ROI. Our customers feel confident letting us handle their marketing while they focus on their core competencies.

Willie Kajala - Content Marketer

Willie Kajala – Content Marketer

Conversations are the way of human life. Here at Inbound Biz Kit, our task is to create meaningful conversations that bring together our clients and their customers.

While B2C marketers can get away with most types of conversations, B2B require a higher form of strategy. We need to be formal enough to be taken seriously, yet light-hearted enough to appeal to the human side of key decision makers.

I turn drab marketing copy into fun conversations.

Husseiny Kidake - Media Maverick

Husseiny “Tha Kid” Kidake – Digital Imaging Consultant

A picture is worth a thousand words.

I am a professional photographer and a branding expert. I’m the force behind all Inbound Biz Kit pictures, videos, memes, infographics, and GIFs.

For our client work, I go the extra mile to produce original photos which are relevant to the company’s message.

You can check out my portfolio here and here.

Navas Otiogo - Editor in Chief

Navas Otiogo – Editor in Chief

Businesses have to be extremely careful about their content, lest it muddies up their messaging. The wrong content can repulse customers, create scandal, and even lead to expensive litigation. At Inbound Biz Kit, we appreciate that not all business owners and managers are conversant with content marketing best practices.

My job here is more than just to check grammar, spellings, and whether the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. I counter-check all claims made. I fact-check all figures, quotes, and studies. I ensure our zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism is enforced. And I check that all ethical and legal boundaries are respected.

When you want content that sells, don’t rush to freelancers who don’t take the repercussions seriously. Take the headache out of your content marketing by hiring professionals.

Kerry Muga - Marketing Analytics

Kerry Muga – Marketing Analytics Expert

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Whether or not this quote is correctly attributed to Dr. W. Edwards Deming is inconsequential. In business and in marketing, metrics are central to achieving goals.

At Inbound Biz Kit, I’m the numbers guy. We A/B test everything and track all kinds of metrics. The problem most small businesses commit is leaving everything to chance and guesswork. While playing things by the ear can sometimes produce awesome results, numbers provide an even clearer picture about where you are headed and where you should be heading.

As a professional marketing team, analytics plays a central role in our content cycle. From the moment we take on a client, create a content calendar, and publish the final content, we study all related metrics. We make industry-wide comparisons for optimal results. And the numbers never lie.

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