Boost Your Blog Posts’ Visibility in 2018 with These 5 Great Tips

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Are you wondering why you’ve been running your blog for some time now yet it’s still not successful? You write blog posts but only get several clicks if you’re lucky but zero shares? Do you look at other inbound marketing bloggers in your niche and envy them because they are all oh-so-popular?

And you often think “where am I going wrong?”

Blog not getting any views?


You will face numerous obstacles on your journey to building a successful blog but with the right strategies you can turn it to a profitable brand. Creating content and impressive brand designs are key elements in blogging. But they are not enough.

Do you wish to achieve the main purpose of your blog? Perhaps turn it into a profitable business? The secret lies in ensuring overall online visibility and building traffic. Simple.

As a blogger the number one failure would be churning content that fills up your archive section but no one bothers to read it. Beyond just writing a bunch of texts, your ultimate goal for writing blog post should be to create a lasting impression on your readers.

What can you do differently to ensure that your content is read and your blog is making progress?

How do you get yourself in front of the worldwide web?


While there are numerous ways to optimize blog posts and increase visibility, below are 5 ways you should give a try in 2018.

Have Clear Ideas and Go Straight to the Point

As you create your content your main aim should be putting your idea across in a way that allows your readers to clearly and quickly grasp the point. It would be a tragedy if your readers go through your blog post and still miss out on the point you want to make.

To ensure your point is clear strictly focus on one idea and create content that revolves around it.

Ensure the Content You Give Is Valuable

For sellable content, be your readers’ go-to source and offer practical solutions to their problems. Start by identifying your target audience, listen to their fears, appeal to their emotions, and offer solutions that speak to those problems.

In short, create content that adds value to your readers.

Make Your Blog Posts Visually Appealing

Have you ever come across a bunch of texts lumped together on a page and you thought in your mind “how boring?” That’s exactly what people think of your blog posts if they are not visually appealing.

Most people simply skim through articles on the net, looking for interesting content. They hardly have time to read your article word for word so if the article isn’t visually appealing it puts them off.

 Break text blocks with visually appealing relevant images


Make use of bold and italics to make important words stand out. You can choose to use block quotes to further drive your point home. Be creative and apply the following tips to make your blog posts visually attractive to your readers and encourage shares.

Format Your Posts

Break your content into bits that are easily consumable to your readers. Your posts should exhibit the following elements.

·            Title– a catchy one that will entice your readers to click and share your post.

·         Introductory Paragraph– capture the attention of your readers as soon as they click on your title. At this point you have the opportunity to give your reader a reason to keep scrolling through your article.

·         Subheadings or Paragraph Titles– In relation to your title, spell out your ideas in sections. As people skim through your article they mainly focus on the subheadings so make them good.

·         Conclusion– Summarize your content. Bring it all together and wrap it up by making a call to action for your readers. A brilliant way of doing this is asking them a question and encouraging them to leave their comments or share the post with others.

Make Use of White Space

White space makes it easy for your audience to consume your ideas bit by bit unlike a huge block of texts that will likely put them off. It separates the good from the chuff and the skimmers can easily spot your ideas.

They get clear points to take away and your post will likely get more shares. Win-win situation.

Make Use of Images and Media

Eyeballs tend to roll towards interesting images and the presence of videos in a blog post is like icing on a cake. Very appealing.

Jersey Shore Ronnie GIF by Jersey Shore Family Vacation - Find & Share on GIPHY
GIFs and memes can be borderline addictive. Use them in your posts


Incorporate GIFs and photos in your posts to capture your audience’s attention. Unsplash and Pexels offer free great photos. Animoto, WeVideo or Magisto are amazing Apps lauded for making videos.

Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO


Optimize Your Title

The secret lies in making the most of your headline. Invest a lot of thought in your titles. Copyblogger offers great tips on subject lines and titles. From what makes a great headline, to why it’s the most important part of your blog post.

You can apply its 4 U’s rule that will help you optimize your title:

Ultra-specific: What do your readers expect to learn from the blog post?

Useful: What makes the blog post valuable?

Urgent: What makes your blog post a must-read NOW?

Unique: What makes your post captivating? Why does it stand out from the rest?

These 4 qualities will help you come up with a compelling headline that will optimize your post for visibility.

Use of Keywords

Have a focus keyword for each article you write. Use it in its EXACT form. Any variation, however slight creates a new primary keyword altogether.

Optimize Your Blog Posts for Engagement

It’s not enough that you create valuable content when no one reads them. Or for people to simply read but not share. Blogging isn’t just about putting out content, but also engaging your readers.

It’s even better when you build a community with your readers and other bloggers in your niche. In order for your blog posts to be visible, you need to promote your content.

Call to Action

What is your endgame when writing the blog post? Is it to get people to subscribe? Is it to sell a product? Or for readers to leave a comment?

You could have numerous goals in mind. Use your content to achieve them.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social sharing is critical if you’re looking to make your blog content visible. Why would people want to share your content? You need to give them a reason to. The number one question you need to ask yourself is how you can make your content as shareable as possible.


People share content online:

·         If they find it valuable and interesting

·         To entertain others

·         To market a cause

·         To grow relationships and networks

Keep these in mind as you write your blog posts. The more you tailor your content to the above reasons the more it will be shared. Add social media plug-ins to make it as easy as possible for readers to share your blog posts.

Further, consider content marketing, social media marketing and SEO to draw customers to your products and services via an inbound marketer.  

Talk to our Inbound Biz Kit team and check out our inbound marketing services to discover how we can enhance your blog’s reach and visibility in 2018 and beyond.

There are loads of other ways you can boost your blog’s visibility. Share your thoughts and let’s keep this conversation going.

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