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Inbound Biz Kit is a digital marketing company based in Kenya. We work on the Inbound methodology. We use high quality, data-driven content to attract visitors to client’s site, convert those visitors into qualified leads, close sales and boost conversions, and delight your customers effectively turning them into your brand ambassadors.

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Inbound Biz Kit specializes in B2B content to promote bulk-buying. We produce content targeted at key decision makes such as procurement managers, manufacturing professionals, and floor managers.

This is a very discerning market segment. For this reason, our focus is on delivering factual content with clear objectives.

Why B2B?

The future of work is in entrepreneurship, which promotes innovation. Most entrepreneurs get into business passionate about their products and convinced of flowing profits. At Inbound Biz Kit, we work with B2B companies to bring this to reality.

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Our marketing services are designed to help businesses attract corporate and manufacturing clients. Businesses that outsource their marketing functions are better able to focus on their key competencies.

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