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Content Marketing for Executive Coaches, Keynote Speakers, Business Consultants, and Management Trainers.
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Who Am I?

I am Felix Abur, a B2B content marketer and founder of the marketing agency, Inbound Biz Kit (IBK). I have over 11 years experience writing blog posts and other high-conversion online content.

With over 57 content marketing campaigns under my belt working with over 43 clients since 2009, it doesn’t matter your niche or project complexity – I’ve got you covered.

You outline your outreach strategy, I provide the content marketing expertise and deliver a flawless campaign to rank your content at offshore prices.

My Ideal Clients

Business Consultants, Executive Coaches, and Keynote Speakers

I also work with

Business leaders seeking to build an online presence.
Brands seeking to extend their digital footprint.
Professionals who just want to get better at marketing.

I handle the marketing, so you can handle the major stuff.
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Previous Clients Include

  1. A respected personal development coach from Switzerland.
  2. One of the top high-performance male leadership groups in the US (Based in Orlando, FL).
  3. A top sales negotiation coach for Global 500 companies (With offices in Los Angeles, London, and Sydney).
  4. A world-recognized keynote speaker and business coach recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CNBC (HQ in California).
  5. Over two years of marketing content for a medical spa franchise, a brand with over 20 locations in the US.

Why Offshore Prices?

With my knowledge, marketing degree, and experience, I could charge a lot more. And I have in the past, for my more established clients with high marketing demands.

Living in a developing country, I have lower overheads than my US & UK counterparts at my skill level. Also, most of my work is with solopreneurs and startups in their first 5 years of operation. Why shouldn’t I pass on my cost savings to my regular clients?

So, instead of charging upwards of $1 per word, I start at a modest $0.15 per word or $9 per hour for blog posts under 2,000 words. Save on marketing costs without losing on results, so you can scale your core functions.

Increase your marketing ROI. Superior results at a fraction of the cost.
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B2B Results-Driven Content

Inbound Biz Kit is a digital marketing company based in Kenya. I work on the Inbound methodology. I work by posting marketing content on your site and other relevant publisher sites.

I use high-quality, data-driven content to attract backlinks and draw visitors to the client’s site. My content is designed to convert those visitors into qualified leads, close sales, boost conversions, and delight your customers effectively turning them into your brand ambassadors.

Blog Posts
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At Inbound Biz Kit, I specialize in creating B2B content to influence corporate purchase decisions and promote bulk-buying. I produce content targeted at key decision-makers such as HR Managers in charge of staff training, procurement managers, manufacturing professionals, and floor managers.

This is a very discerning market segment. For this reason, our focus is on delivering factual content with clear objectives.

Why B2B?

The future of work is in entrepreneurship, which promotes innovation. Most coaches get into business passionate about their impact and the value of their training, convinced of flowing profits. At Inbound Biz Kit, I work with coaches and consultants to bring their business objectives to reality.

Inbound Biz Kit Team
Get The Most Out of Your Team With Our Marketing Expertise

My marketing services are designed to help coaches, consultants, and speakers attract corporate clients. Consultants who outsource their marketing functions are better able to focus on their key competencies.

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