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The Skyscraper Technique: A Magical Pill for Winning at Content Marketing

Content is king. People are always searching for content online that can help solve their problems. Blogs that consistently provide insights on demand always emerge successful. However, spending time creating content will only take you halfway. Whatever information you put on your website will be worthless if no one reads or interacts with it. As […]

How to Improve Your Social Connection with Brand Influencers

Cultivating a healthy relationship with brand influencers is important for business growth. Through influencer marketing, your business can enjoy an increase in traffic and sales. The challenge, however, is in finding the right candidate who shares the same value and style with your brand. Luckily, our helpful tips build genuine relationships with influencers. Our step […]

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog Today

Affiliate marketing is a monetization technique where you earn some profit by endorsing another brand’s commodity.

5 Website Traffic Hacks You Need to Know Now

Every entrepreneur seeking to grow an online presence should strive to get more traffic on their website.
The better the quality of the website traffic, the faster you grow your business and achieve your goals.

An SEO Consultant is Essential for Your Success. Read This to Find Out Why

Get an SEO consultant. Do you want to increase the search engine ranking of your website?

Unless you have good knowledge and experience in search engine positioning, you should leave this work to a professional SEO consultant.

Hire an SEO consultant to increase organic traffic to your website

How to Build a Powerful Brand with Guest Posting

n authority blog can not only grow your online presence but trickle high traffic to your brand. Use relevant tools to check the authority of your target site

Helpful Tips To Make Your Social Media Content More Shareable

For an active social media strategy, aim to get your content shared across different platforms. Multiple platforms may increase your chances of success in your marketing plan.

Google Plus Shutdown: What It Means For Inbound Marketers

Google recently announced shutdown of Google Plus, their social media network. Digital inbound marketers speculate on marketing landscape for 2019 and beyond

How To Get The Best From Social Media Influencers

How do you Get The Best from Social Media Influencers? Learn about the best tools to leverage influence to expand your social branding and maximize conversions

5 Steps to Creating a Social Content Strategy That Works for Your Brand

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Creating a social content strategy ensures that the content is well structured, useful (to both you and your audience) and manageable. Here are the steps you need to follow to create a social content strategy that will drive your brand goals. Step 1: […]


Back in 1996, Bill Gates boldly declared on the Microsoft website, “Content is King”. This guy is a shrewd businessman with prophetic insights. Growing up, I wanted to become the next Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs. Nowadays I add to my list other tech billionaires such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. But how did […]


Content Marketing Talk to our team for web content development. We provide unique and relevant content customized for your brand and highly targeted to your ideal market. We use inbound methodologies to increase targetted traffic and expedite your customer acquisition cycle. Working with Inbound Biz Kit is an awesome path to coordinating your web content […]


B2B Results-Driven Content

Inbound Biz Kit is a digital marketing company based in Kenya. We work on the Inbound methodology. We use high quality, data-driven content to attract visitors to client’s site, convert those visitors into qualified leads, close sales and boost conversions, and delight your customers effectively turning them into your brand ambassadors.

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Inbound Biz Kit specializes in B2B content to promote bulk-buying. We produce content targeted at key decision makes such as procurement managers, manufacturing professionals, and floor managers.

This is a very discerning market segment. For this reason, our focus is on delivering factual content with clear objectives.

Why B2B?

The future of work is in entrepreneurship, which promotes innovation. Most entrepreneurs get into business passionate about their products and convinced of flowing profits. At Inbound Biz Kit, we work with B2B companies to bring this to reality.

Inbound Biz Kit Team
Get The Most Out of Your Team With Our Marketing Expertise

Our marketing services are designed to help businesses attract corporate and manufacturing clients. Businesses that outsource their marketing functions are better able to focus on their key competencies.

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