5 Steps to Creating a Social Content Strategy That Works for Your Brand

Social Media content strategy for your brand to enhance digital inbound marketing strategy in Nairobi Kenya
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Social media is a powerful marketing tool. Creating a social content strategy ensures that the content is well structured, useful (to both you and your audience) and manageable.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a social content strategy that will drive your brand goals.

Social Media for digital inbound marketing and branding in Kenya
Social Media strategy: Image by Geralt on Pixabay https://pixabay.com/en/woman-face-thoughts-media-head-1446557/

Step 1: Define Your Brand Narrative

This is an important step towards establishing a human-to-human contact with the consumer. A good narrative defines what the brand stands for and promises the consumer a positive customer experience.  You can develop human interest by including customer testimonials.

Marketing Meets Strategy Meets Social Media on the Kenya digital inbound marketing in Nairobi
Marketing Meets Strategy at the Social Media junction Image by Geralt https://pixabay.com/en/street-sign-road-antique-note-562573/

Step 2: Set Social Media Goals

Set clearly defined business and social media objectives. These will assist you in creating a thoughtful social content strategy. An example of a business objective can be to build awareness. An example of a social media objective could be to reach 10,000 views per day.

Social Media Goals for Digital Inbound Marketing in Kenya
Employ a uniform strategy across all Social Media channels
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Step 3: Social Media Competitive Analysis

Research on your competition’s social profiles. Focus on those who have found significant success in social media marketing.

  • What is their tone of voice? This includes both their verbal and visual tone of voice.
  • Benchmark against their facebook, twitter,instagram and youtube accounts.
  • Perform a comparison on their engagement metrics
  • Adjust your strategy accordingly

Step 4: Plan your Content

Your content must meet your brand’s goals and objectives. It should also be engaging to the audience. It is therefore important to plan ahead so that your content meets quality standards. You will also be more organised, efficient and up-to-date.

  • Understand your audience personas. This will assist you in creating a content map. Take your time to understand your audience’s needs and content engagement cycle. Tailor your content to meet the needs of your target group.
  • An editorial calendar that is aligned to your marketing calendar helps the brand to stay relevant. Plan on the time and resources needed for expert, commercial and creative updates. Agree on a rule that you can use for updating content from others and from the organisation.
  • Write a creative brief of the content plan for your team. This should include the brand’s targeted audience, tone of voice and a brief outline on the required content.

Step 5: Track Your Content Performance

Are you on track to achieving your goals? There are various social metrics that you can use such as;

  • Brand awareness metrics that checks on your brand visibility
  • Social media analytics tools .to determine the quality of users. You can also use these to check on your competitors social media presence.
  • Conversion rates to determine the brand’s conversion rate optimisation.
Social Media Marketing performance tracking of key metrics by digital agency inbound biz kit in Nairobi Kenya
Track the performance of your social media strategy Image courtesy of Pexels at https://pixabay.com/en/analysis-analytics-business-charts-1841158/

What Next After Creating Your Social Media Strategy?

If the 5 steps work, rinse, repeat, and constantly improve upon it. Use Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure how well the platform meets your brand goals. If you are not on track, adjust your strategy. If you are on track, find out what worked and improve on it.

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