Looking to Improve The Quality Of Your Blog Content? Use These 8 Amazing Tools

Blog website tools for online digital inbound marketing in Nairobi Kenya

So you have been consistent in writing blog posts and marketing your content to increase traffic and social shares. Is it working? Are your content marketing efforts paying off?

To successfully create leading blog content you need to employ a strategy. And what better way to achieve positive results than to create high quality content?

In this post, let’s look at the 8 tools that will help you improve readability of your articles and make your posts stand out.

KingSumo Headlines

Like one of the KingSumo Headlines creators puts it…

“Neglecting my headlines is also neglecting my business.”

Noah Kagan

How true! Your headline determines whether your audience will click and read your article or not.

KingSumo AppSumo headline optimization to boost inbound marketing for blogging and content marketing in Nairobi Kenya and Africa
Does your headline attract clicks and views?

As aptly put by Noah your headline is “the #1 reason people decide to buy your product, click to Tweet or share your content.” A good digital marketing services firm should be in a position to help you invest a lot of thought in your titles.

KingSumo is a WordPress plugin that works by optimizing your headlines to increase blog traffic by creating titles that readers will want to click on.

Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Does the thought of writing a new blog post every now and then give you the jitters? Like you have to keep scratching your head for ideas and each topic that comes into your mind sounds like a whole load of hogwash?

The HubSpot Blog Topic Generator could be the tool that makes your blogging journey easier.

HubSpot inbound marketing blog topics idea generator for content marketing success in Africa
What topics should you write about next?

All you need to do is put in three nouns that relate to what you wish to write about and hoorah! The tool generates a handful of topics for you.

If the topics do not appeal to you, you can always try again and again till you achieve the desired result.


If you have been blogging for some time then you must have come across this tool already. If not, then you are totally missing out. Wherever digital marketing services are mentioned, BuzzSumo is a likely tool to be used for content marketing and SEO campaigns.

THe BuzzSumo tool is a content analyzer. It helps you identify what kinds of content in your niche performs best. The analysis can help you come up with the best topics, headlines, formats, and even relevant images that resonate best with your target audience. 

BuzzSumo content analyzer tool for finding inbound marketing influencers
Content Analyzer tool for content promotion

BuzzSumo picks your topic and niche and helps you identify key influencers in your space. A mention from the right influencer has the potential to take your content viral and convert like crazy. 

Apart from helping you promote your content, BuzzSumo keeps you in check ensuring that you don’t go off topic with each post you produce.

If you are in the travels niche then your posts should be travels related. Perhaps on tour companies, travel rates and destinations. Deviating from the niche compromises the quality of your blog.

The best thing about this tool is that it helps you understand what type of content performs best for the keyword you have generated.


This tool is based on the whole idea of making your blog post visually appealing using infographics. Digital marketing services cannot overemphasize the need to make your blog posts attractive using pictures and images.

After all a picture is worth a thousand words. Eyeballs will always roll towards pictures and infographics tend to be more memorable than plain text.

infographic boosts your inbound marketing and content marketing campaign for digital marketing in Kenya
Design your infographic in easy steps

Piktochart allows you to easily and resourcefully generate high quality infographics. It offers you a wide range of features from text, to fonts, to colors and so on.

With this tool you don’t need to hire a professional designer. If you follow instructions well, quality infographics will be a ‘do-it-myself affair.’


Just like the name suggests, this tool feeds you with information and findings related to the niche you are in. It’s the ultimate alternative to FeedBurner.

Feedly will help you improve the quality of your content and the delivery of that content to your readers. It’s a great inbound marketing tool as it helps you target an audience that is already interested in your products. 

Feedly blog promotion tools to boost online marketing and web content creation in Kenya for inbound marketers
Feedly brings your RSS feeds alive by bringing you relevant content

As the content comes in a manageable format, any digital services firm can use it to discover fresh ideas into your niche and devise better ways of marketing your content.

Hemingway Editor

It goes without saying that your content should be both valuable and readable for your posts to be ranked as quality content.

Readable content depends majorly on your writing. There are instances where even after proofreading you would still fail to see any editorial mistakes.

This is where the Hemingway Editor comes in. You simply upload your writing onto this tool and it immediately puts red highlights onto the problem areas drawing your attention for proper action.

Heningway App editorial for inbound marketing content applied by inbound biz kit marketing company in Kenya
The Hemingway Editorial App helps you improve readability and correct common editorial mistakes

It highlights sentences that would be too complicated for your readers allowing you to edit and simplify them for your audience.

Google Analytics

As a blogger you should be keen on the behavior of the readers on your site. Digital marketing services firms will emphasize the need to review the number of visitors to a website, keywords that generate results, leading sources and the like so as to help in content marketing efforts. And what better way than to use the google analytics tool?

Google Analytics for inbound biz kit content marketing and blogging resources in Kenya
Set up Google Analytics on your site to monitor visitor stats

Data obtained from google analytics will help you improve the quality of your blog content. Say a particular page or post gets a huge number of readers daily, won’t you wish to create the same kind of content that will bring results?

Readability Test Tool

You should agree that content is king, right? Wrong. Readable content is king. The readability tool allows you to test the readability of your content. It allows you to use direct input to test your writing. The scores are based on the Flesch–Kincaid readability tests. 

You can also choose to test it using your content’s URL. It also provides a feature of testing the readability of your content by referrer.

Top 8 Must-Have Tools To Enhance Your Blog

In conclusion, there are numerous other tools out there that can help you improve the quality of your blog content. We might not exhaust all of them here but you should not stop exploring.

Coupled with excellent marketing, quality content will bring you amazing results you’ll be surprised. Find amazing digital marketing services by jumping to our services page and let’s see how we can boost your B2B business.

You can also follow the provided links (no affiliates here). Jump right in and give the above tools a try, share your experiences and let’s keep this conversation going.

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