Back in 1996, Bill Gates boldly declared on the Microsoft website, “Content is King”.

Marketing has evolved over the years, especially in the digital space. As a marketing major, I have all sorts of marketing certifications and experience. However, when I trained on HubSpot’s inbound methodology, it was the kind of marketing that totally and completely made sense to me.

As in, why should any business shout at everyone, even though only a small fraction of people need their products? Doesn’t it make better sense to first identify who your ideal customer is? Then you can find the best channels to reach that particular group without bothering everyone else. And then you craft your message to suit that particular group, right?

That’s how Inbound Biz Kit was born in 2016. I had been creating online content since 2009 but pivoted to focus solely on Inbound strategies. With time, I found I loved working with business coaches and consultants. I feel inspired, working with industry leaders and keynote speakers. Content is King, and my content helps build Kings and Queens of business.  

Marketing for seminars, conferences, and workshops. Business Coaches and Keynote Speakers make all the difference to your event.
Image by Chelsea Ouellet from Pixabay
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