How to Improve Your Social Connection with Brand Influencers

SEO content marketing with online marketing inbound marketing in Kenya In Africa
SEO content marketing with online marketing inbound marketing in Kenya In Africa
SEO online and inbound marketing in Kenya, Africa

Cultivating a healthy relationship with brand influencers is important for business growth. Through influencer marketing, your business can enjoy an increase in traffic and sales. The challenge, however, is in finding the right candidate who shares the same value and style with your brand. Luckily, our helpful tips build genuine relationships with influencers. Our step by step process is also a great start to attracting the attention of great marketers.

Know your Audience to Grow Your Brand

Knowing your target audience can drive your brand success. You can identify your customers through audience insights. Audience insight is the understanding of factors that motivate and move clients to a specific product.

Audience insights show demographic data about potential clients. Insights also reveal customers’ journey and possible interest in your products and services.

By knowing your audience, you stand a better chance at influencer targeting. Your marketing campaigns will also align with audience sentiments. For better success, maintain the voice of the influencer throughout the marketing campaign.

Changes in voice can, at times, affect audience response. Give the influencer some creative freedom to establish a value-shared proposition. The proposition benefits your brand through engagements. The interactions also grow the influencers’ business.

Create a List of Brand Influencers

Brand influencers are the human voice behind your brand. Through influencers, you can achieve better human interactions on social media.

Sites like Buzzsumo and Klear have excellent links to top influencers. To ensure you get the perfect mirror for your brand, pick several names for comparison.

After that, match your business goal to the marketing strategy of each influencer. The best marketer should have posts, looks, and style that align with your values.

For the most significant benefits, check influencer performances. Sites like Traackr and Buzzsumo can track the impact of the influencer on your business. Here is how both the sites work;

Buzzsumo is compatible with small, medium, and large companies. You can use Buzzsumo to research for various content in your niche. Buzzsumo helps you connect with influencers who produce content related to your product and service. With Buzzsumo, you can generate keywords for discussion before contacting the influencer.

Traackr is a comprehensive site. Traackr can filter searches using keywords, demographic features, location, language, or followers. With Traackr, global businesses can easily monitor campaigns once they go live. The analytics in Traackr show actual conversations influencing your campaigns. The analytics also focus on metrics scores through reach and engagements.

Match your Approach with your Goals

Digital marketing with inbound marketing in Kenya in Africa
SEO digital marketing in Kenya, Africa

The selection stage for the best influencer is over. You now need to look for actionable ways to create a respectable and long term relationship. Long term relationships with brand influencers yield better partnerships. Long term relationships also command great marketing interest, thus increasing revenue.

First, you have to apply time management skills when dealing with influencers. Time management help influencers use the available time to serve your needs.

To stand out, choose a unique approach, like mentioning influencers’ digital products and services, in posts. Create unique profile pictures or adopt a unique tone of communication. Also, keep your communication straightforward.

Create a regular communication schedule to be well-known by the influencer. Share posts that are in line with both your brands. The constant contact helps create a balance between your goals and outreach plans.

Mentioning influencers in your top blogs is essential. It shows you are not only a beneficiary but also a contributor to their success. Be consistent with your updates. Updates support the natural development of marketing strategies with influencers.

Upscale your Communication Method

SEO internet marketing inbound marketing in Kenya in Africa
Content marketing with Inbound marketing in Kenya, Africa

Videos are an excellent communication choice. Videos of less than 5 minutes can catch the attention of top influencers. Videos are also an easy and fast way to offer your proposal.

In your videos, go straight to the point from the onset. Communicate value-adding partnerships that benefit your brand and influencer. Find out the influencers’ interests. Then place your offer with a focus on connection.

Videos are good, but it is advisable to restrain use. Be consistent but not annoying with your follow-ups. For the best follow-up channels, choose emails or private messages on social media platforms.

Connect Through Events

Influencer marketing focuses on sales. Marketers need to understand your brand better to know what to sell. Offer influencers additional incentive to build your brand and their business. The incentives can be in the form of conferences or organization events in exchange for a post or retweet.

Create events that allow for social, friendly, and real connections to foster long-term friendships. Contribute to a cause – like social issues – the influencer has an interest. Be honest with your offers. Honesty obliges the influencer to reciprocate with better brand marketing tactics.

Reasons why your Influencer Marketing Connection May Fail

At times, your influencer marketing efforts may fail to yield positive outcomes. The fail can be because of wrong influencer strategies. The fail can also be because of differences in your goals and those of the brand influencers.

To avoid influencer marketing fails, it is critical to know the reasons behind social disconnection with brand influencers. Some possible reasons may include:

  • Choosing the wrong influencer to represent your brand
  • Targeting the wrong social media platforms to carry out your marketing campaigns
  • An influencer is marketing for a competing brand
  • Lack of confidence by the influencer to market your brand
  • Payment terms disagreements
  • Lack of interest by the brand-influencer in your product or services

The Bottom Line

Accessing the best social media talent is possible. With a strategic approach, you can grab the attention of top influencers in the market. Consistency is important. Patience is a value you will have to uphold. Without patience and consistency, your influencer management plans are likely to fail.

Successful influencer management processes need a plan, direction, and an evaluation system. A connection is vital, but so is your commitment to goal achievement. Build genuine connections with brand influencers to increase your traffic, shares, and sales.

Eunice Njuguna

Author: Eunice Njuguna

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