Neuromarketing in 2021- Creating Killer Blog Content by Hitting These 6 Stimuli (CXL Review)

Blogs are popular marketing tools for reaching consumers and driving conversions. Yet, what is it about your blog that touches a reader and leads them to take a desired action? Well, according to neuromarketing science, it’s how you use 6 key stimuli to appeal to the reader’s brain. What are these 6 stimuli, or brain … Read more

How Consultants Can Use Cialdini’s Principles of Persuasion to Attract Clients Online – CXL Institute Scholarship Program Review

Persuasion - Executive coaches, business consultants, keynote speakers, and corporate training experts use persuasion to attract clients online

Corporate coaches and business consultants face some major hurdles when using online resources to attract clients. The major challenges revolve around how to attract visitors to your website and how to convert those visitors into paying clients. Crafting online marketing content that persuade readers to agree with you can take a lot of practice. Without … Read more

How Business Coaches Can Perform a Comprehensive Content Marketing Audit in Readiness for 2021

Content marketing for corporate coach executive trainer keynote speaker management training business to business B2B inbound marketing

For most business coaches and corporate trainers, auditing their online content is a critical part of each year’s strategy and campaigns. A content audit clarifies what’s working for your brand, what’s harming your business goals, and where new opportunities present themselves. As we head into 2020, a content marketing audit is even more necessary than … Read more

The Skyscraper Technique: A Magical Pill for Winning at Content Marketing

Content is king. People are always searching for content online that can help solve their problems. Blogs that consistently provide insights on demand always emerge successful. However, spending time creating content will only take you halfway. Whatever information you put on your website will be worthless if no one reads or interacts with it. As … Read more

How to Improve Your Social Connection with Brand Influencers

SEO content marketing with online marketing inbound marketing in Kenya In Africa

Cultivating a healthy relationship with brand influencers is important for business growth. Through influencer marketing, your business can enjoy an increase in traffic and sales. The challenge, however, is in finding the right candidate who shares the same value and style with your brand. Luckily, our helpful tips build genuine relationships with influencers. Our step … Read more

Helpful Tips To Make Your Social Media Content More Shareable

Shareable social media content for inbound marketing success to enhance social media marketing digital marketing and online marketing in Kenya

For an active social media strategy, aim to get your content shared across different platforms. Multiple platforms may increase your chances of success in your marketing plan.

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