Helpful Tips To Make Your Social Media Content More Shareable

The average internet user spends about 2 hours daily on social platforms, reports a survey by Globalwebindex. As a result, you can’t afford to ignore social media in your marketing strategy. The same applies to both start-ups and multi-billion dollar companies. Creating a social content strategy that works for your brand is essential.

For an active social media strategy, aim to get your content shared across different platforms. Multiple platforms may increase your chances of success in your marketing plan. Here are some shareable social media content and simple tips for creating them.

Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) Content

As a business owner, you may feel the need to always present to your followers a well put together brand. You most likely desire to appear “on top of things” at all times. There seems to be no room for mistakes for an elite brand like yours. Right? Well, not always.

Perfection doesn’t always sell products or services. The more ‘human’ your brand is, the better for you. BTS content shows your audience that behind the big successful brand are normal men and women. By letting your potential clients see the human side of your company, you can connect better and get more shares.

A report by Braze and Forrester Consulting in 2018 reveals there’s a 57% increased brand loyalty for the more human-like brands.

How To Create This

Showcase content on social media about your business’ BTS experiences.

Build a human connection with your audience by making use of the stories feature on Facebook and Instagram. For shareable content, you can air short live stream videos of raw, unfiltered backstage experiences in your business.

Don’t forget to post the funny moments with your workers. Social media users especially love sharing humor to entertain their friends and connections.

Content That Appeals To Emotions

Appealing to the emotions of the audience is at the core of most kinds of marketing. Research shows people buy things based on their feelings but later on justify their purchase based on logic.

Professor Gerald Zaltman of Harvard Business School says almost 95% of our purchasing decisions are subconscious and primarily based on emotions.

By taking a step back from all the hardcore facts about why your brand is the right choice for a particular audience, you can easily craft emotive content.

Try using your content to arouse emotions like anger, sorrow, happiness, or fear. Monitor the engagement metrics such as comments and shares. You may be pleasantly surprised by the positive response from your audience.

How To Create This

There are different ways of arousing emotions through your content. One way is storytelling. Create stories your audience can relate to.

You have the option of quoting a real-life occurrence or a hypothetical (but plausible) tale. Ask yourself, “Can my audience connect with such an experience?” If not, use a different narrative or change your strategy altogether.

Pictures and videos are ideal for storytelling.

Good-looking Content

Aesthetics matter.

One of the factors which motivate users to share social media content is the opportunity to gain social approval. People like being validated by others within their social circles. Users like to share posts to earn friends’ and family’s approval.

Your audience may also believe that any post shared reflects on who they are and what their value is. Consequently, content which appears classy and high-end may get more shares and engagement than the opposite.

How To Create This

As a brand, take your time to create quality content. Some businesses get so caught up with the information creation process and forget about the quality of the post itself.

High-quality videos and clear images go a long way in improving the overall quality of your post. You can easily get some of these online, by searching on google, but ensure you use other people’s images and/or videos legally.

Visual Content

Most digital marketers realize that visual content is more shareable than text or even audio.

Studies have shown people process images 60,000X more rapidly compared to text.

You can confirm by assessing the type of content you regularly click on to share on your personal social platforms. Visual content stands out from the crowd.

How To Create This

Images are your go-to format for triggering more shares from your brand followers.

The saying is still valid, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. So, save yourself many unnecessary words. Also, you can use videos to achieve similar results if not better.

Support-A-Worthy-Cause Content

Another kind of shareable social media content is the one depicting the selflessness of a brand. Your brand should show care for the people and the community you serve.

Seize opportunities to show users you’re not just all about selling products and making top dollar.

How To Create This

Post content about standing for a worthy cause in the community. For example, help the needy, save homeless animals, or speak up against social injustices.

Content showing altruism is more likely to be shared because your brand then gives a sense of self-validation for your followers. By supporting your business, your fans feel like a part of or contributor in those acts of kindness.

Interactive Content

The more your audience can interact with your content, the more likely the rate of sharing escalates. If a post is engaging or involving, users tend to feel like co-creators of the material.

Interactive content is also practical because of the connection created with your potential customers. The more time users spend on a particular content, the easier you can convert them to buyers and even brand ambassadors.

Several content analysis reports by BuzzSumo showcase the effectiveness of interactive content.

How To Create This

Specific types of content are ideal for creating engagement with users, for example, games, quizzes, contests, and polls.

You’ve probably done a few quizzes yourself on Facebook. If so, notice how involved you get?

However, make sure you’ve done thorough research to know the best angle from which to approach your particular audience. Insight into your audience persona comes in handy here.

What Happens After Your Social Media Content Has Been Shared?

When users share any of your posts on social platforms, you become better-positioned for even more shares. The ripple effect created may benefit your organization many years down the line.

Any form of engagement with your content creates social proof for your product or service and serves to boost your credibility. Social media engagement can potentially increase your business success.

So go ahead and start creating these types of content for your social media marketing.

Author: Catherine Nyorani Wafula

Catherine Nyorani-Wafula is a skilled freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting, and copywriting services to B2C and B2B businesses. Her specialty is in digital marketing, blogging and freelance writing. When she’s not busy word slinging, you’ll find her sightseeing with her husband, engaged in church activities, hanging out with friends or watching movies. To hire her, visit her website https://catethewriter.com
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