The Skyscraper Technique: A Magical Pill for Winning at Content Marketing

Content is king. People are always searching for content online that can help solve their problems. Blogs that consistently provide insights on demand always emerge successful. However, spending time creating content will only take you halfway.

Content is King

Whatever information you put on your website will be worthless if no one reads or interacts with it. As long as you can get people to view and share your content online, you can increase your website’s traffic. Eventually, this leads to more sales as you turn your business into an authority in your industry.

Increasing website traffic through content creation seems easy in theory. Practically, you need to pull all the right strings. Your competition is probably marketing the same types of content as you are. This raises a few questions:

  • What makes your content stand out from the competition?
  •  Why should a potential customer read from your blog instead of the competition?
  •  Why would an influencer prefer linking to your content over that of the competition?

A simple SEO strategy, like the skyscraper technique, could give you the upper hand, and improve your inbound marketing efforts. You can use it to create content that stands out. The technique was first conceptualized and tested by Brian Dean, a reputable figure in the SEO and content marketing world. Since then, many leading websites have used it to improve website traffic and revenues.

What Is The Skyscraper Technique, And Why Does It Work?

In a nutshell, the skyscraper technique is a method of creating valuable blog content and making it share-worthy. Think about skyscrapers. Consider that your competitor’s blog post is the highest skyscraper at the moment. The aim is to create a higher skyscraper (more valuable blog posts). It is also referred to as the pillar content strategy by Neil Patel – a reputable figure in the SEO world.

Skyscraper content stand taller than standard content

People are always looking for the best, even when searching for content online. No one wants to spend time searching for information from 10 websites when they can find it on just one. Also, most industry leaders and influencers want to link to valuable content when tweeting or posting on their websites. Appealing to these individuals is a surefire way to excel at inbound marketing.

Lastly, Google ranks high-value content first. If your blog posts are in-depth and provide unmatched value, you will most likely rank high on Google. This increases your traffic and your website’s conversion rates.

CreativeLive Has Successfully Used the Technique

As a website that arms creatives with the tools they need to succeed, Creativelive.com is a great example of a business that has used the skyscraper technique successfully. Their journey started with Fast Company’s post, which introduced freelancers to an hourly rate calculator. At the time, this post was widely shared, with many websites that create content targeted at freelancers linking back to the piece.

Creativelive.com decided to ride this wave by creating an infographic that would help freelancers calculate their hourly rates. The infographic offered these tips in a more digestible manner.

Later on, the site’s owners approached influencers to help promote their content, a move that gave them a huge win. While the post was shared 8,200 times, it gathered 72,000 page views and gave the site 3,648 new email subscribers. You can read more about this story on Hubspot.

Start By Finding Popular Content in Your Industry

What are people currently talking about? Using the skyscraper technique to create content that’s trending means you will have a ready audience. There are many ways to discover content that’s trending. 

Find out what industry experts and influencers are talking about on twitter or their blogs. You should also leaf through online forums like Quora and Reddit for insights. Lastly, consider using tools like BuzzSumo, which can direct you straight to popular blog topics

The next step is to assess the content that’s already out there. You need to identify what information the competing blog posts contain, and what they have left behind. Look for ways to make their content better.

Recreate Better Content

Now that you are aware of competing content, work on creating something that outdoes it. There are many ways to outdo the competition. You can:

  • Create more in-depth content
  • Add images and visuals to the content. Ensure that you are legally allowed to use the pictures, especially if you are sourcing them online
  • Add statistics
  •  Include interviews with respected industry experts
  •   Package the content in a way that’s more appealing to the target audience

You understand your audience best. Look for ways to turn the content into something more appealing to them. Remember, the aim is to get more people interested in your content as well as increase its search engine rank.

Promote the Content

Post your content on social media, and promote it. You can also consider dropping the link to the blog post on relevant community discussions on Reddit and Quora.

Next, reach out to influencers, who are already linking to similar, but lower-value, content. You should consider asking them to use yours instead. Tell them why you think yours will provide more value than the blog post they are currently using. Here is the template that Brian Dean used for approaching influencers and industry experts:

Inbound Marketing Influencer Email Outreach Sample
Reach out to influencers

When reaching out to influencers and industry experts, be sure to ease them into your idea. You can start by praising them for something you genuinely like about their work, followed by why you are contacting them. Keep the message brief.

Try The Skyscraper Technique Today

The skyscraper technique is a three-step process; find popular content, create something better, and then promote it. When used right, it can work wonders in improving the overall visibility of your website. Even better, it will help you build relationships with industry leaders and influencers, which could come in handy when looking to promote a product in the future.

Author: Erick Wanjohi

Erick is a fun-loving freelance writer. He specializes in creating copy, blog posts, and guest posts for marketing, cybersecurity, and health & fitness organizations. When not writing, you can find Erick playing basketball or hanging out with friends. Feel free to connect with him through his website.
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