Top 7 Tasks You Should Outsource To Grow Your Blog

Time is money. You only have a limited amount of time per day to make an unlimited amount of money.

Sadly, none of us have the skills nor the patience to do everything on their own. It makes perfect sense for businesses, especially small and medium ones, to outsource some of their tasks. For a blogger, outsourcing helps you concentrate on core tasks and maximize your ROI.

inbound marketing return on investment with time
Outsource and free up your time and resources to maximize returns on investment

Growing a blog and making it a success isn’t as easy as most people think. If you’ve been in the blogging arena for a while, you must have experienced this already. It’s tasking enough to concentrate on generating valuable content as it is making your blog visually appealing, generating keywords that drive results, and churning out readable posts and so on.

But you don’t have to suffocate alone under the burden of growing your blog. You have the option of outsourcing some tasks.  You can choose to illuminate your strengths and find someone else to handle the tasks that you are not so good at.

If you’re thinking “I’m not sure I can trust another person to work on my blog” then you’re missing the point.

You can’t be excellent in every aspect of making your blog progress. That’s why even the experts at Inbound Biz Kit work as a team. There’s always someone better than you in a given area. Give them a chance and see the change they can bring about.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the top blog related tasks you can outsource to other people and how to go about it. But first things first.

Should You Outsource Blog Related Tasks?

Yes, without a doubt!

As a blogger and marketer you need to handle quite a number of tasks simultaneously. But you can only do one thing at a time and you’ll likely find yourself in a race against time. A race you’re bound to always lose.

Hire and outsource inbound digital marketing expert in Kenya
Hire in-house or outsource to a freelancer/agency?

According to the LinkedIn Technology Marketing Community, the most outsourced marketing activities are Blog writing (44%) and design (41%).

So what are the rules you should follow if you’re to successfully reap from the benefits of outsourcing blog related tasks?

·         Rule #1- Learn to listen to others

You’ll be surprised how giving others your ear can lead to more ideas and a fresh perspective on how to run your blog. Sometimes relying on your own thoughts and failing to engage others will likely be your own undoing.

Don’t let people shy away from speaking their minds with you. It will open you up. Listen.

·         Rule #2- Appreciate that people are different

Different people have different ways of doing things. What works for you might not necessarily work for someone else. And guess what? It’s our diversity that makes us unique.

Allow the people you outsource work to, to device ways of accomplishing their share of tasks and contribute to your blog’s growth. Who knows, you might just love the outcome.

·         Rule #3- Bring other people to speed on what your end game is

What’s your main objective? Once people understand what drives you to do what you’re doing they’ll be better placed to work with you towards your goal.

What Tasks Can You Outsource To Grow Your Blog?

If growing your blog is on your mind here are top tasks you can outsource for better results.

1.      Creation Of Interesting Headlines 

Catchy and hip headlines are key to getting people to at least open your articles. On the flip side plain, boring headlines hardly get any clicks despite having valuable content.

People skim through the net for interesting reads but your headline is the first thing they see. If it fails to capture their attention, be sure that your content will go unread.

If you aren’t good at creating eye-catching headlines, consider outsourcing this task to someone else. Share the ideas you wish to write on and she can come up with as many headlines for you to choose from.

2.      Content Creation

Creating valuable and readable content can be a hassle for most people yet it’s the essence of blogging. You are expected to keep giving valuable content to your readers to keep the blog alive.

If readers no longer find value in your blog, they walk away and your blog dies a slow and painful death.

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To avoid this you can outsource the task of blog writing to another person. Let them help you come up with fresh posts on a daily or weekly basis as you concentrate on other key areas such as online marketing services.

3.      Generation Of Keywords For Best SEO Ranking

Any good online marketing services provider will tell you how important it is for your blog to be optimized for search engines. If not done right, your blog will not feature among the top ranking blogs and it will not be visible to readers.

It’s a good idea to outsource this task to SEO experts on the internet who are willing to help you optimize your blog for visibility at a small fee.

SEO keyword generation for digital online marketing at Inbound Biz Kit in Nairobi, Kenya
Keyword generation boosts your SEO

4.      Content Editing And Proofreading

If you create your own content, it might be difficult for you to catch any mistakes in your own writing.

At Inbound Biz Kit, we pass all our proofreading and editing tasks to Navas. His great wealth of experience editing school text books has driven us to higher levels of quality marketing copy.

It is best to outsource the task of proofreading and editing to a different person, like we do. Let them go through your article, identifying and correcting mistakes and advising on readability of your post to your audience.

This will help you improve your content as you get firsthand information and correction from a third party before publishing.

5.      Image Sourcing And Optimization

The idea of sourcing images for your blog sounds easy and fun. But wait a minute, is it? How you design your blog will define how attractive it is to your audience. If you poorly position images and illustrations on your blog, you kill its visual appeal.

Our digital imaging consultant, Kidake, shared a thought about this.

“You might want to outsource the task of image sourcing and optimization to blog designers. This can ensure the images are strategically placed in your blog for better readership.”

Husseiny Kidake – Digital Imaging Consultant

6.      Video And Podcasts Creation And Embedding

As much as you could be excited at the idea of making your own videos and podcasts, you might not be well versed with the task.

I know how the thought of coming up with a video for your blog can be nerve-wrecking. To come up with good videos and podcasts, you can outsource the task to an expert who will embed them on your blog.

7.      Social Media Management

This is where online marketing services are highly required. You need to make good use of social media platforms to fully exploit the online market potential.

Outsource your Social Media Marketing to an expert

Since you might not be on social media all the time to interact with your followers, it is best to outsource this task to a social media manager.

Final Verdict on Outsourcing Blog Related Tasks

Outsourcing blog-related tasks is key. Save on time by putting your head together with other people to grow your blog. The tasks above are crucial in ensuring your blog is optimized for growth.

Hire an online marketing services expert to help you with all matters branding and marketing. You can find the best online marketing services here.

Start by outsourcing the above tasks today and see the amount of progress your blog makes. If you find this post valuable feel free to share. Sign up for weekly marketing insights to supercharge your business.

Author: Jacquey Janelle

Jacquey holds a Masters in Accounting. She understands the needs of corporate and B2B businesses from an ROI standpoint and this is reflected in all her content.
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